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Builder and IMAQ 1408

Can anyone tell me how, using Borland Builder 3, I can acquire images from
the IMAQ 1408 card?

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I wrote the attached code to try to help you with your question. It is a very simple code and there is no error checking. Use at your own risk!

I have Builder 5 and an IMAQ 1411 card, but I think there is not much difference.

I took advantage of the IMAQ function imgPlot(), which greatly facilitates the display of the acquired image.

If you need to perform some processing to the image, a suggestion can be to save the image first with the function imgSessionSaveBufferEx() and then processing the saved image.

Please read the file "information.txt" before to set the Builder environment.

The attachment is a zip file.

Enrique Vargas
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