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Build CoordSys


Hi, I am missing something in this function.


In my application, I detect a series of points in the image referred to the image origin (0;0). I want to refer the coordinates of all the points detected to a new points P0 considering also a given rotation. I have already done it doing basic calculation, but I wanted to use the functions of the vision.

I attached a very basic example. It returns a results which is not what I expected, likely I misunderstood how to use it.


Thank you.



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Hi Logatto,


Looking at your Vi, you had two issues:

  1. Your reference points are not the same as your image, it should have been (10,10)(20,20) because the first point will become the origin of your coordinate system (refer to the help of the function :
  2. Your New base should have been the default one (see the capture)


I hope this helps 


Application Engineer - National Instruments - France
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