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Basler sprint spL4096-70kc with PCIe 1430



I have camera Basler sprint spL4096-70kc and framegrabber PCIe 1430 and according to this web: it should be working. I can see PCIe 1430 and camera in MAX, I can choose camera file created for Basler Sprint spL4096-70k but when I want to snap or grab I have a timeout error. I didn't change anything in the camera file.

I'm using base configuration for camera.


What do I need to change to make this camera work with framegrabber?



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Hi Adriana_S,


Default icd file consists configuration only for PCIe-1433, 1435 and 1437 frame grabbers. With NI Camera File Generator you can easily create a new config file. 


Second thought - Basler spL4096-70kc can operate in 8 taps mode (8-bit depth). At the same time, PCIe-1433 can work in 2 taps mode (max 12-bit depth, see link below). After adding new target frame grabber in NI Camera file Generator you will notice that throughput will be automatically limited to 2 taps.



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