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Basler ace camera not implemented yet?

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Hey guys!


I am using the new Basler Ace acA1300-30gc. I installed Vision Builder 2009 and latest device drivers (I got them on a NI seminar one week ago). When I open pylon viewer camera works fine, but when I try to run it in Measurement and automation explorer the program finds it, but it doesn't display the image. I get this error:


Imaq error
Not implemented yet


Is it maybe that NI device drivers don't support the new camera yet? It is actually 6 months old, so I think there should be a solution already. Please help.


Thank you!



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Its not "a camera not implemented", but some property or attribute are not supported by VAS. GigE Vision is standard, and if camera and NI Vision meet this standard, then you will be able to get image. Theoretically you can get image from any GigE Vision compliant camera. At the start camera will tell to IMAQdx driver about all supported modes, attributes, parameters, etc (they stored in XML file). If you don't have deep experience with GigE Vision, I'll suggest to contact Basler and NI Service for technical support. Also you can try to use CameraValidator.exe utility (located in NI-IMAQdx\Utility folder for checking your camera. Also try to install latest VAS and be sure that National Instruments GigE Vision Driver is properly installed.




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Accepted by topic author mate47
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Hi Matej,


I believe the only reason you would get that error message (sorry it is not more descriptive) is because the image Pixel Format you have selected is not implemented by IMAQdx. I think some of the color Ace cameras have a specific YUV color format that are not supported. You should be able to switch to a Bayer or a different YUV format, save it in Measurement and Automation Explorer, and be off acquiring.





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Please tell us the S/N for the camera.  Depending on when the camera was purchased, there may be a firmware update for the camera that will resolve the issue.

Robert Eastlund
Graftek Imaging, Inc.
Phone: (512) 416-1099 x101
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BlueCheese you were right! The problem was in  the selected imigae pixel format. 


Thank you very much!




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