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Basler GigE camera not working with Vision Acquisition 2010

Hi all,


I recently upgraded to Vision Acquisition Software 2010, in order to get my Microsoft USB Lifecam working. That did the job.


However now my Basler piA2400-17gm GigE camera has stopped working, and I'm completely stumped as to what has happened.


Is the 2010 Vision Acquisition software known to work well with this camera? 



When I load MAX, it detects the camera fine, but then when I try to snap an image, I get the following error:





Now, I found this knowledgebase article:



I tried everything in that article, but it has not fixed the problem.


The camera no longer works in the Basler Pylon Viewer either, which is odd, so I tried re-installing the firmware and Basler software, but that has made no difference.


The GigE network card is Intel-chipset based and has been configured with the National Instruments GigE driver, as per this article:


I gave sensible IP addresses in line with the advice in this document.



Upon closing MAX, I get this error:






Does anyone have a clue what might be going on here?



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Hi Caleyjag,


I wonder of you have any Firewall enabled on your system? You might want to turn it off and see if it helps with the troubleshooting.



Thanks and have a great day.


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We had the same problem with Basler Runner cameras. What helped was the CameraValidator utility with /ATTRIBUTES switch, as described here. In our case, there was a single defective attribute CameraAttributes::FileAccessControl::FileSelector. It is of type enum, with two possible values. However, its default value was an empty string, which generated the "out of range" error. All we had to do was to switch the attribute to one of its predefined values.


One more thing you could try is to switch the GigE adapter's NI driver to a different one, e.g. the default from Microsoft and see what it does. I have a bad feeling that there is something wrong with the latest NI's GigE driver, because our Basler cameras, which formerly operated at the maximum jumbo packet size 8000 bytes, now work only with packet sizes up to ~6000 bytes.

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