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Acquire Edge Points

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I am pressing a tire against a clear plate and looking through it to see

the contact area that is created, and I am using Vision Assistant 8.6

to detect the edges of the contact area. However, the only way that

I have found to detect the edge of the patch is by using the edge

detector function to manually draw lines in the area where the edge

appears. Is there any way that I could detect more points quickly,

like using a rake method of some kind? Thank you very much.



Austin Allen

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Oh and sorry for double posting but just to clarify, I am doing this

to acquire a bunch of points so I can use the caliper function to

calculate the area, as well as to be able to define the edge of the

patch using the coordinates of those points.

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Accepted by topic author Excalibur33

If you use IMAQ rake function, you will be able to get the pixel coordinates of the edge you are looking for.

This funstion returns a cluster called Search Lines in wich you can find another cluster called edges containing these informations.


Hope this help

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Great, thank you very much!

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