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AVT Guppy extended shutter configuration

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Hello all,
I am attempting to configure an AVT Guppy F146C camera for extended shutter use using their Smartview 1.7 utility.  These settings are configured thru their dialog and exported to an .xml file.
Fast forward to MAX - I can locate the camera but it always references an .icd file to load the settings from.  And, there's nothing in the .icd file which would allow me to select the extended shutter I'm looking for.
Is this a matter of LabVIEW simply not supporting all the available properties of the camera?  Can I load this external reference?
(The camera manual tells me which register to modify, but I guess it won't matter if LabVIEW can't support it?)
Thanks for any assistance,
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Hi VisionGumby

MAX does not support direct setting of the advanced camera parameters. However, you can definitely set up the parameters manually from LV by writing to the specified camera registers. In LV, at first you open the camera reference, then you write to the registers to set up the advanced parameters. At last you start the acquisition.


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Delayed "thank you".  This is what I needed. 
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Hi VisionGumby,
Can you share how you did this with us? I am also trying to run an AVT Guppy in extended shutter mode. I am using IMAQdx with LV 7.1. At the moment I am struggling to find the correct CameraAttribute property node to control the shutter time at all. But, as you say, the property node does not support the  extended shutter time on this camera. I guess you ended up writing directly to a register - please can you post details, or email me directly?
Many thanks,
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Accepted by VisionGumby
Hi, we have made an example for the Extended shutter, find it attached.
As it is made under LabView 8.5, find also attached an image of the VI diagram.
Oliver Guennel
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Many thanks Oliver, that works really nicely giving us extended shutter times to 4s.


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I'm using the Stingray 145C and am not able to change the shutter using this VI - I get an error when I run it.  I'm able to change the timebase by writing values to the appropriate register (offset = F1000208, value varied from 2147581952 to 2147581959) but haven't been able to control the Shutter the same way.  Do you happen to know the offset and values I should use for these, or have any suggestions to get your VI to run with my CCD?  


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks. 

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I need some helps to use the Guppy F-046B/C camera.



I'm trying to get many frames with variable shutter knowing precisely to what shutter i'm recording.

I'm able only to use matlab with image acquisition toolbox 3, but it is not enough, because i can't utilize the camera's properties!! What any other software can i use?  


I have also the AVT Guppy Tecnical Manual V7.1.0!




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I don't know if you have used it yet, but you can access properties using Measurement & Automation Explorer, NI's hardware configuration tool.  However, these will only take affect if you utilize LabVIEW with Vision Acquisition Software.  If you would like to demo these products feel free to visit the following website:


Demo LabVIEW


Demo Vision Acquisition Software



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