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2147220969 error occurred at IMAQdx Configure Acquisition

Hello, anybody meets this situation as doing IMAQdx acquisition, I am using "Vision Acquisition 2009", LabVIEW8.6.1, LV can find my CAM, and IMAQdx open is no error, as to the IMAQdx configure step, it occured an error, the pop-up box tell me "Error -2147220969 occurred at IMAQdx Configure

This error code is undefined. No one has provided a description for this code, or you might have wired a number that is not an error code to the error code input."

anybody has something like this case, and I will appreciate about your help. any clue, any suggestion will be welcome thanks.


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That is a Windows error code. I assume you are probably using a DirectShow camera? Which are are you using? It seems to be returning an error when we try to acquire...



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Thanks all firstly, it is pity, the link is French information, I just can read English and Chinese.

answer BlueCheese, I use IMAQ USB vis, it is nice capture, doesn't IMAQ USB driver support Diectshow camera only? I don't use IMAQ usb to do this job, because IMAQ USB hasn't camera property internal call, just a prompt window setting, it is not flexible to me. so I point to IMAQdx2009, but......

at last, the problem solved finally, I use "CapX" to do achieve this job.


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Hi Yukee, i have the same problem you had but i don't understand how you solved the problem. What is CapX? Could you please send me a VI as an example? Thank you. Best regards,


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