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-1074397163 error code from IMAQ init


I get this error when trying to init the camera in LabView 2010.  Reference name matches the setting found in Meas & Autom. explorer.  I can grab images there and manipulate the camera w/o problems.


After reading the various threads during my searches... the solutions offered did not fix this problem.  (multiple LV RTE's & name mis-match).  Tried LV 2010 & 8.5 with same results and I verified this with MAX closed as IIRC having it open will also create a similar problem.




edit:  probably not going to help knowing this but the camera is an ATV  Stingray F504C

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boy I really hate it when this happens... got it...  IMAQ generates the error, IMAQdx Open does not...  no problem now grabbing images.


I am good to go...

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