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Please help to give LabVIEW DAQ for MacOSX some GO again

Dear LVers on the Mac,


I start this thread in an attempt to get reinforced long therm support for developing LabVIEW DAQ solutions natively under MacOSX. This message was triggered by the fact I needed to manually copy the relevant DAQmx Base driver components into a freshly installed LabVIEW 2017 PDS distribution on a newer MacOS 10.12 powered MacBook Pro. It solved my immediate needs for how I work with LabVIEW on the Mac but I still anticipate an adequate long therm solution to continue the native development of DAQ solutions with MacOSX. I am convinced that a well adjusted, balanced and accordingly marketed NI product palette would also lead to a commercial success in this domain. The palette should include the possibility to program DAQ solutions with contemporary multifunction USB and PCIe devices as well as Serial/IEEE 488.2 instrument control. Additionally and because Macs are heavily used in the educational field, the driver support should definitely include the myDAQ and the myRIO as well!


Let's expect that we are going to see all this with LV NXG for MacOS!


If you have a similar perspective in respect to "DAQ on the Mac" I urge you to express your opinion and needs by responding to this thread.


Thank you for the support and as always, happy wireworks




Urs Lauterburg

Physics demonstrator & LabVIEW wireworker on LV's heritage platform

Physikalisches Institut

University of Bern


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Re: Please help to give LabVIEW DAQ for MacOSX some GO again

Absolutely.  There are many Mac OS users out there, but they all talk to me or others instead of NI about it.  Info-LabVIEW mailing list is still a hot bed of Mac users!


The performance of Mac systems is so much higher than that of some more popular ones.  I have had many errors and bugs found because the Mac had such low latency and high speed that it revealed program logical errors and race conditions.


Graphics are smoother, and more professional.


System is more stable, and maintenance is much easier, as well as robust and resistant to malware.


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Re: Please help to give LabVIEW DAQ for MacOSX some GO again

Wonder why NI would ignore a growing Mac installed base: Maybe 90% Win vs. 10% Mac - Go Figger

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Re: Please help to give LabVIEW DAQ for MacOSX some GO again

Too much effort seems to be the reason.  NI has increasingly adopted cross-platform hostile development practices.  I reported a bug a couple of weeks ago and mentioned it was on a Mac so it might be unusual, but the AE handling the service request said that he gets a lot of requests for features and support on the Mac program.


The removal of DAQ support for the support such as it was, was a flimsy excuse.  The additional security requirements of Mac OS Catalina are not that hard to fulfill.  A little research on notarization would show that.  Their argument that the NIDaqBase was written in a form that is a lot of work to extend to new hardware is pretty clear that was a bad design choice by NI.  Why should the user community suffer for bad programming architecture by NI?

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Re: Please help to give LabVIEW DAQ for MacOSX some GO again

Yes, to move away from the cross platform DAQ strategy is unfortunate and not at all in the trend I think. I just got back from meeting some very skilled LabVIEW programmers at CERN and they in fact echoed their regret about the fairly recent decision of NI to suspend their hardware driver DAQmx Base for the next MacOS release. In my opinion it's not a good strategy to only use sales statistics for such a move since NI already owns this investment. If you ask me the Apple platform offers a good potential for expanding the costumer base. The only way for us is to express the need by numerous requests. Obviously the LabVIEW programmers on the Macs are not very good and efficient with doing this!

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