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Inputs for the future of LabVIEW DAQ on the Mac

Dear LabVIEW programmers on MacOSX,


Are any of you attending NIWeek 2018? If yes Eric Reffett from NI announced to stage a brainstorming session regarding the future of native LabVIEW for Mac support. I am personally very much in favor of continued LabVIEW and appropriate hardware driver support for native MacOS, but I am not able to be in Austin for NIWeek. Therefore I urge any of you who attend NIWeek 2018 to personally attend in order to reinforce the needs by your presence. The session is planned to take place at 10am on Thursday, May 24 in the Exhibit Hall 1. It will also be possible to participate with a Skype connection under the Conference ID: 74416928. Please do support the cause with your personal engagement.


UrsL, the LabVIEW on the Mac wireworker

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