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queryblock in MATRIXx 8.1.4

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queryblock in MATRIXx 8.1.4


I am running MATRIXx 8.1.4 and it seems that the queryblock function doesn't work properly. For example, when I enter the following command in the Xmath Commands window:


I get the following error:

***F*** Must be editing a SuperBlock to perform the command or function


Thanks for your help.

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Accepted by topic author steve_ulrich
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: queryblock in MATRIXx 8.1.4

When there are multiple SuperBlock editor windows present, there has always been a problem of

which editor window does the queryblock command apply.

In MATRIXx 7.1.x the editor windows were separate windows and not child windows as in MATRIXx 8.1.x framework

is was easy to figure out the topmost editor window to direct the SBA commands to.

In the MATRIXx 8.1.x framework it is more difficult, so the safe thing to do is not have any default SBA editor window

(which I totally disagree with, there should always be a default SBA window).


To get around your problem, launch the SuperBlock editor window using a SBA command.

Either use editcatalog "sbname" or modifysuperblock "sbname" so that there is a default SBA editor window.


Also, I would suggest updating you MATRIXx version to 8.1.5 (released Oct 2010).

MATRIXx 8.1.5 fixes an crash when there is not a default SBA editor window.

The MATRIXx ftpsite has almost every version of MATRIXx ever released available for download.


If you do not need a Windows version, just navigate from the outgoing directory to the platform

and version you want to download (Linux, Solaris, SolarisX86).


Note: MATRIXx 8.1.4 and MATRIXx 8.1.5 can both be installed at the same time and

not interfere with each other. Launch MATRIXx using -v option, $MTXHOME/bin/matrixx -v 8.1.4 -newproject

or $MTXHOME/bin/matrixx -v 8.1.5 -newproject


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Re: queryblock in MATRIXx 8.1.4

Thanks a lot :-) I’ll start work now. See some direction already. thanks for the advise.

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