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Some MATRIXx window are not functional on a secondary display

I have a laptop and have started using the internal monitor as my primary display and an external monitor as my secondary display (i.e., using the "extended desktop" option under Windows XP Desktop => Properties => Settings).

I have noticed that most, but not all, of the MATRIXx 7.16 windows work normally on the second display.  However, at least a couple of windows do not function normally. 

First, the Connection Editor window will appear in the secondary window if the Main drawing window is in that window when you try to add a connection.  However, mouse clicks are not recognized to add connections until the Connection Editor Window is moved back to the primary display.

Similarly, the Interactive Animation Palette window is also inactive in the secondary display.  Again, it has to be moved to the primary display before any icons can be dragged and dropped into the Main drawing window (although the Main drawing window itself can stay on the secondary display).  Interestingly, the Main Palette Browser window works normally on either display.

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Hi Stano,

I've tried using MatrixX on a dual-display setup with no problems.  I'll investigate further and let you know what I find out.

Matt Spiegelberg

Applications Engineer

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What kind of system are you currently using? 
Video Card
Matt Spiegelberg
Applications Engineer
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I have a Dell Latitude 400 laptop running Windows XP.

I have the integral laptop screen set up as my primary monitor and a 17" Dell flat panel monitor set up as a secondary display (by extending the Windows XP desktop to monitor # 2). This monitor has both analog and digital video input connectors, and I am currently set up with a digital cable from the docking station to the external monitor.


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I forgot to say it is a 1.6 GHz CPU with 1 GB of RAM.

The external digital display PN is Dell 1905FP.

I am not sure what video card is installed. 

The display driver is Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller.


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Thank you for the information.  I will pass on this data to our R&D department and we will look into this matter.

Matt Spiegelberg

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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I'm having a slightly different issue with MatrixX and a 2nd monitor. I haven't noticed problems at work, but if I use Remote Desktop to use the same system from home (where I don't have a 2nd monitor), the Xmath window can become "lost" at startup of Matrix-X if it was on the 2nd monitor when it was last exited. Normally, I would just use the "Move" item in the (Xmath app's) taskbar icon's right-click menu to retrieve the window to the 1st monitor, but that menu doesn't come up for some reason.


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Hello Dave,
I assume that you are not using MATRIXx 8.0 or higher since the interface is now an Integrated Development Environment (all contained in a single window).  I tried to reproduce the behavior you are seeing using 7.1.7.
I found that if I right-click on the task bar icon and select the window then right-click I see all the options to Move, Size, Minimize or Maximize.  If I left-click on the task bar icon again and then right-click I only have the option to Restore or Maximize.  I can see the same behavior using Windows Notepad.  Is this what you are seeing?
As another option you could either make sure to always close the window when it is on your primary monitor, or in the Xmath window select Edit»Preferences and deselect the option Save the command window's size and position upon exit.  Deselecting this option should have the window open always at the default location on your primary monitor.
I hope this helps, if you're seeing different behavior we may need some more details in order to reproduce the problem.
Angela M
Product Support Engineer
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Hi Angela, thanks for your response.

You're right, I'm using v7.1.6 here; forgot to mention that.

I don't see the behavior you're describing, though. If the Xmath window was on the 2nd display when it was shut down, and then I start MATRIXx remotely without a 2nd display, I see no response at all to right-clicking the new taskbar icon for it. I can toggle the icon state from "down" to "up" (shaded/unshaded) with a left mouse-click, but regardless of which state it's in, right-clicking does nothing.


[edit] I agree that deselecting "save position" will solve this problem, and that's what I will do from now on.

Message Edited by iDave on 03-17-2008 01:41 PM
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We are aware of some problems with secondary displays and the 6.x and 7.x versions of MATRIXx. Because the problems are non-fatal, can easily be avoided and only afflict a few customers, we have been very reluctant to spend a lot of resources trying to prevent them in an older release with a windowing system that predated the use of multipe monitors.

Starting with the 8.0 release, and our total rewrite of the UI, these problems do not occur anymore.

Dirk De Mol
Manager MATRIXx R&D
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