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MatrixX 62.2 Documentation


MatrixX 62.2 Documentation

Just wondering if anyone is able to help with getting soft copies of the documentation for MatrixX 62.2.  We have hard copies, which we could scan, however it would save us a lot of effort and potential scanning errors if someone knows where to get at these easily.



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Re: MatrixX 62.2 Documentation

Hi Rohan,


As you probably know by now, version 6.2.2 is very old (> 9 years!) and not supported by National Instruments.  It predates our acquisition of the MATRIXx product line.


We do have soft copies of all the documentation, going back to very early versions, but it will take some digging around to find it.


Do you have any plans to upgrade? Or to get a support contract? I hate to see you waste time scanning documentation in page by page. Also, why would you need a soft copy if you have all the hard copies?



Dirk De Mol

MATRIXx R&D manager

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Re: MatrixX 62.2 Documentation

Do you still have this need?

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