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unable to connect to NIOPCServers

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I have Lookout 6.5 installed with the Integrator license.  I have configured the NIOPCServer to communicate to an Allen Bradley PLC.  I can open the NI OPC Quick Client and see live data from the PLC. 


However, I am unable to connect to the NIOPCServer from any other OPC client.  I have tried connecting with a Lookout client, ServerExplorer, and a few other 3rd-party OPC clients.  I get an error "No such interface supported.  Status Code: 0x80004002"


As a part of my troubleshooting

- I setup RSLinx.  I was able to connect to RSLinx as an OPC client using Lookout, ServerExplorer, and the other 3rd party OPC clients.  

- I have tried re-installing NIOPCServer.


What else do I try? 


Thanks for any help you can provide.



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You can only use QuickClient, Lookout or LabVIEW DSC module to connect NI OPC Server.

So, you should be able to use OPClient object in Lookout 6.2/6.5 to connect the NI OPC Server. But ServerExplorer or other 3rd-party OPC clients don't work.


Actually even if you don't activate the license, the 6.5 evaluation license is able to connect NI OPC Server without error.


So please make sure the "lookout client" you said is either from 6.2 or 6.5. What's the alarm message you see in lookout?


Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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This morning I discovered that there is an OPCClient and OPCNIServers objects.  I tried the OPCNIServers object instead of the OPCClient object and the communications started working.  I must have had an incorrect setting on the OPCClient object.


Thanks for responding quickly.


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