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need instant messaging or email for critical ALARMS

Need the option for email and or test messaging thur a command promt window (Via Netwrork) to send alarms to engineering for critical safty issues that arise
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There are several options for this in Lookout:

1. Use the Mailer object in Lookout.
2. Use the Pager object to page.
3. Use the ASCII Object to send a text message to a device -- you'll need to know the comm protocol and implement it using the ASCII Object.
4. You can always launch your favorite mail client/messenger from within Lookout using the Run Object.
5. Finally, you can use the Windows' built-in messenger service (not MSN messenger) to send a quick message to anybody on your internal network. The format if you type on a command prompt is:

net send machine_name message

"machine_name" can be replaced with "network_username" as well.

So, for example the following would send a message to a machine called testmachine on my network:

C:\>net send testmachine hello, this is a test

You can use the above from within Lookout using the Run object. Specify a logical signal for the 'Run when' parameter, like a PushButton. For the 'Command line' you would have something like this:

"net send testmachine testing"

You need to enclose the whole thing in double-qoutes (as shown above).

First test the net-send thing from your command prompt. If you cannot get the message to go thru', make sure both the computers have the Messenger service running. Seek IT's help if you still can't get this to work.

Note1: this last approach will work only within a local network, not across the Internet.
Note2: this isn't fail-proof. Occasionally, the messenger service may just die on you. Yeap, it's a Windoze thing -- time to reboot!

Hope this helps.



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