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need confirmation of security to enter on new computer

We are going to be doing upgrades on existing system need security information on registration of software serial # J11X59580, so we can install on our office computer to upgrade application screens.
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Hi Gary,

You will have to contact your Sales agent at NI for this:

Tel: 512-683-0100
Fax: 512-683-8411



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Hi Gary,

It is not very clear to me what you mean with "security information" on registration of your Lookout software.
I was looking in your serial number J11X59580 and it is described in our database as a "LOOKOUT I/O EXPANSION RE-REGISTRATION."

So, I believe what you need is the registration information, in order to obtain that, get in touch with our tech support by phone. The serial number provided by you is a re-registration number, we need to find out the original serial number and with that check if your Lookout package is a run time or a development license.

Please call 1 866 275 6964 and we will be able to help you to find out what your Key code is.

Best Regards

Andre Dias de Oliveira
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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