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lookout network port

Is there a specific port that needs to be open for a Lookout client to communicate with a server? I have WAN with a server set up in the field with address 10.x.x.x, and a client in a remote location with address 172.x.x.x. I can ping the server from the client using the server name, but Lookout cannot see any processes on the server even after I register the computer name on my client.
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This KB http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/websearch/8AE45BBFA1D7025E862570F200642FD8?OpenDocument indicates which ports should be open for lookout.
You can find your Logos version here \Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\Logos\. The version of lkopc.dll is the version of Logos.
What's more, if you run Lookout on XP SP2 with firewall enabled, you need some extra configuration to make it across the firewall.
Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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