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lookout alarms 6.1 build 27

Alarms will no longer pull up and we cannot see what the alarms are in the database.  Have tried reinstall to no avail.  system has worked fine for 2 years


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6.1 uses mssql to manage alarms and events. The free version included with the OS may have a limit on the file size of the database. Once reached further alarms and events are not logged.

Work arounds include upgrading mssql or archiving older data etc. I've also seen the case where a completely archived database has a file size 1/3 of the original. Restoring that archived file allowed logging to continue.

Search the forum. The issue has been discussed in the past.

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We are running version 6.7.1 on several sites and continue to have this issue at various times at various sites. We have a checklist of items we go through each time it randomly happens. When it does happen there will be no alarm number at all visible in the bottom right-hand corner of Lookout at all and new/old alarms or events will not show up in the alarm window. The operators usually insist no changes have been made to their system.


A few things we try:

Make sure Lookout process has been selected

Make sure the PC name matches the info in NI Max

Close Lookout and reboot. Once rebooting try Archiving out old data using NIMax

Try deleting all 1000kb files in the database location (do not delete the 5 original database files) followed by another reboot. 

Try deleting the Citadel 5 database using NIMax and recreate in the same location. Verify Lookout still opens without errors. Reboot 5-8 more times

Search the forums for anyone else that may have found a solution yet.

Completely uninstall Lookout and reinstall, testing with a basic test program. 

Search the web once again.

Try deleting those 1000kb files again, reboot


That usually does the trick... most times. I haven't been so lucky this time and so here I am hoping anyone else out there has any ideas.


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