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i have problem with communication bethween 2 computers



i have problem with communication bethween 2 computers

On the firs computer i have installed OPC server from unitronics . In this case i communicate with my lookout process.

On the second computer i have installed only lookout. 

This 2 computers are connected with a VPN whireless .

The second computer command the device from the first . 

My problem is : After 10-14 hours comunications bethween computers is blocked . If i restart the first computer comunication begin to work.

How to solve this problem , i don't want to restart every 10 hours the first computer


Thanks in advice  

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1) Are you able to verifiy that the VPN connection is still active at the time of the loss of data? There may be a timeout in the VPN system.

2) Is there any time out n the OPC server?

3) Is there sufficiient memory on the first computer?

Robert Hill
Technology and Security Advisor
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