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hypertrend vertical gridlines

something I haven't figured out yet - how do i change the spacing of the vertical gridlines on a trend / hypertrend object - for example I am currently developing a simple plot of temperatures that range between roughly zero and 60 - however, there are ten major vertical divisions on the hypertrend and I only want six (10 degrees each) - what's the deal? it's plotting it as a percentage but that's not what I'm after..
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With the Hypertrend Object selected, turn on Edit Mode.
Right click on the hypertrend display.
Left click on Object Properties.
Right click on the hypertrend of interest in the Group box on the left.
Left click on Properties.
Choose and enter the number of major and minor divisions for display.
After clicking OK for your choices, you then separately choose the min and max values for each display parameter by clicking on that choice and entering the values in the dialog box.

Aaron Gesicki
Sparta, WI
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