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how to copy and duplicate a large number of objects

I am working on expanding an existing application. The addition will be adding a new station. I will be the same as an existing one, An existing station uses about
200 alarms. Is there a way Export a group of objects, make the changes and re-import the new objects?
Steve Griffin
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Hi Steve,

Yes. What you do is open the .LKS file in a text editor. This is the "source code" for your process. Here, you can copy-n-paste, add/modify, and then open it in Lookout thus compiling it back into a process file (.l4p).

However, a better solution for your case seems to be to use the Aggregate Object. This is basically defining your own object which can include other Lookout objects. So, if you define an Aggregate object called "MyStation," all you do next time you add a new station is to create and use this MyStation object, like any other object.

See Online Help on this Aggregate Object for details.

Best Regards,


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Either way works very well. There could be typos in the first method. The Aggregate Object works great
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