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email authentication

I am using the mailer feature of lookout to email alarms. This has been working successfully for the last year. ATT/yahoo is the internet/mail providor. ATT is now requiring outgoing authentication as well as incoming port # 995 and Outgoing port # 465 with Secure connect SSL. The emails are no longer going through. I receive an SMTP mail failure. Please advise on how to solve this problem. Does
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We are having the same issue with Outlook 6.7.

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We have addressed this in several ways over the last few years:

  1. If you have Lookout 6.7 or the versions that support authentication Install stunnel from stunnel.org and point your mailer object to localhost on port 25 with the user name & password used for your email account. Stunnell will take care of the encryption. We use this a lot with gmail.
  2. On any version of Lookout running on Windows 7 or higher, Install Node-Red (nodered.org). You will then have to create a communication mechanism between Node-Red and Lookout. This can be done with the Modbus capabilities  of both programs or for a more versatile solution using UDP or TCP with the Lookout IPASCII object. This will allow you to pass Lookout $Alarm.message to Node-Red and let Node-Red take care of sending the authenticated and encrypted email. Triggering the IPASCII send with an expression using the $Alarm.update and $Alarm.priority you can easily filter alrms that are sent as emails or text messages. This will require a little learning Node-Red but it is well worth it. 
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same issue.

can anyone in the community help with real solution?

thank u in advance.

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