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client-server in FP

We are using lookout and field-point modules. We have purchased the lookout enterprise version with four clients. The PC is having the P-IV processor , RAM-128. As the PC is directly connected to the external hardware (FP) and also acting as the server for the four clients. Does this can create the communication gap or slow communication. As we have seen that if we run other application on the same PC, the process control gets slow down.

As this is our first time we are using Server-client software.
We have made one process file with fieldpoint objet ad other for client without field-point object. In the client software we, have directed the tags of all AI as \\Comp_Name\Process\FP\Channel_No.
And not created any connection to the DO.
Is it the righ
t process to make the client.
Or, if u can suggest me to make the client file.
We can send u the process file to you, if u can suggest us to make the process file.
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Looks like you're doing the right thing. That is, dedicate the Server machine ONLY to communicate with your hardware I/O and act as the Server to the Clients. You should not have any graphics or unnecessary display of values on the Server. And you should not be running any applications on the Server which can be run on the Clients.

DevZone has some good articles on Lookout Server/Client architecture. Here are a couple you may find beneficial:

Building a Sample Server-Client System in Lookout

Converting a Lookout Server Process Int
o a Client

Hope this helps.

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Hi khalid,
Thanks for ur prompt reply.
I am getting the values form the server on the client software but not getting any graphs.
I am creating one pot for each AI and connecting the pot value to the field point channel in the server file.
And, in the client assigning the path of the server computer for AI value channel and deleting the feildpoint Object.
So, i am getting the pot updated by the server process and in the client process not changed the URL field.
And also i have found that while installing client software no ODBC citadel driver was loaded, which was loaded with the Lookout server.
So how can i get the graphs in client.

Anoop Sharma
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