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Windows10 and graphics

Running Lookout 6.6 on new Dell Windows10 machines.

some graphics wont display, for example horizontal pipes will not display where the vertical ones will, I compared the properties of both files and they are the same (.WMF files).

Copied files from another machine (win7), also tried it on other win10 machines and same problem. I can open object explorer and there is no image in the window under that name, yet I can see it if I open it with paint. I don't understand how it can affect one image and not the other when all the properties are the same?


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Fixed it, the graphics were very old, they had a date of 96’. I had to open them with windows 7 and save them, and then they worked. I didn’t have any program that would save .WMF files, but Office 2010 PowerPoint worked

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