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What is the relationship between the source code (LKS) file and the process (L4P) file?

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I know that Lookout generates a source code file with an LKS extension whenever you save a process file.  Can anyone explain the relationship between the two files, especially while the process (L4P) is running?

  1. Is it just a backup file that can be recompiled into a process file?
  2. Can a corrupt LKS file cause strange problems with a running process file?

I am currently experiencing some very odd intermittent behavior with a running process file.  I first thought the problem was associated with my Fieldpoint modules and/or their configuration.  I have since found that my process file had a corrupt LKS file.  I have repaired and recompiled my LKS file into a new process file.  I still do not know if I fixed the problem or not.  The problem is so intermittent I only have about 20-30 SECONDS to troubleshoot it before it goes away.  Then it may not show up again for another 2-3 days.

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The .lks file is just the source code of your process. It can be opened by different version of lookout, however the .l4p file cannot.


The .lks file is not be used while a process is running. Lookout doesn't read the file any more after it is running. So, it should not affect the running process.


What kind of problem it is?

Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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