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Want to Use A Combobox to Open Spreadsheets

is there a way to use a couple of comboboxes (one for the day and one for the month like the ones at top of page www.galottery.com ) and a go button to open the csv files the spreadsheet object logs to and places in the month and day folders....thanks..randy
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I have not used the new version of Lookout, but you used to be able to do it with a data table object.

The only problem is, i've always had problems setting it up.  It works fine on one computer, I get another copy of lookout, copy the code and try to run the application and I get an SQL import error: S1009/-1023: [Microsoft][ODBC Text Driver]   etc etc is not a valid path, make sure the path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server in which it resides.

I'm guessing there was something in the original code that got saved that I have not been able to find causing the problem or perhaps my ODBC drivers don't match up between computers.

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