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Using NetDDE, how do I update a Lookout object on another machine?

We are running Lookout on a remote machine on our network. I am unable to create the DDESHARE on the remote machine that allows my local machine VB code to change the values in the remote machine process. Has anyone managed to do this?
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Yes we got it working with Excel and Lookout over the network. I would adise you to use Excel to test the link and then use VB when the link is verified. This would determine where the problem lies (link or code).

You need to get NetDDE working and also set up the trusted shares correctly. This is in the Lookout help.

Are you using NT or 9X because we designed a system on 95, took it to site where they changed the requirement to NT and it didnt work! There are many differences between 9X and NT (as we found out under pressure).

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Many thanks for the advice - I especially relate to the 'under pressure' bit!!
I have already managed to create DDE shares and transfer data between excel/excel, vb/Access and vb/excel but its in the setting up of the dde share for Lookout that I'm having all the trouble.

Do you have any examples of how to setup the DDE share for a Lookout client?

Many thanks again,
Mike O'Donnell
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