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Trending on Lookout Web Client

We are using Lookout Web Client on several computers, we are also using the Hypertrend in our Client application and are experiencing a problem on some computers when trying to display the trending graphs.  Some of the PCs display the trending without a problem, others do not.  The operating systems are the same on all computers, what could be the issue?
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The problem usually is the network communication or the timing. For example, if you have firewall enabled, it may block the Citadel communication. Or if the network is very slow, the updating may be slow.

If the system time of server and client computers are not the same, it can also be a problem.

Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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Sorry I have not reponded before now, the network we're using is more than capable of handling the traffic. If we use the Client instead of the Web Client the hypertrends work fine. The issue seems to be with the Web Client, the applications work fine other than displaying trends. The hypertrends do not seem to be getting data from the process database. Most of our trends are formatted to show 12 hours of trend. Data is live and changes immediately on display pots, but nothing on trends. We've upgraded to 6.2 and downloaded the latest Web Client and still nothing on trends.

I've read several comments on this problem and it seems to be widespread, is there any third party portal software that might fix this?

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