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Time Synchronization, Lookout 6.2

We recently installed 6.2 on several new machines, and one of the machines is experiencing issues with time synchronization.  I have no time servers set up using the Time Synchronization Dialog, and the Lookout System Time (lower left corner) is unstable, and different from the Windows system clock.  The Lookout time will sometimes fall two minutes behind the windows system clock, and then "update" to the correct time and immediately start lagging behind the system clock.  Even though I have time servers set up, changing the "Sleep Time" in the Time Sync dialog affects the behavior of the lookout system time.  I've tried add the local machine as the time server, and another computer running 6.2 as the time server, but this does not correct the issue.  The lookout system time may change 2 seconds in 20 seconds, which makes all of our timers useless.  Again, we're only experiencing this issue on on computer, and I've unistalled the software, all the way down to the WinXP OS, reinstalled, and the same behavior returns after the Lookout process is opened and run for about 5 minutes. 


It appears as though there may be a time server set somewhere that is not showing in the time sync dialog.  Is there a location in the registry where the time server might be shown?  Any other suggestions will be most appreciated.


One last thing, once lookout is started, if I stop the NI Time Sync service, the lookout time matches the local comptuer time perfectly.  I thought about disabling this service, but Lookout won't start without it.  I have to stop it once Lookout is started,  and I have a continuous alarm alerting that the service has been stopped.


Again, I'll appreciate any suggestions. 


Jeff Miller


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Hi Jeff, I am wondering if you found a solution to your issue. I have just replaced a PC running Lookout Client 6.2 (power supply died) and this machine is experiencing the same issue you describe (lookout time running wild)

This of course, causes the hyper trends to not 'sync/display'.

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