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The TruthNBP Unregistered.

To begin with I am tired of holding this secret so those that are guilty will benefit from my silence. This is not an attempt at harrassment or slander of any person. The Australian police have already attempted to silence me, GO TO HELL !!!
This is a factual account experienced by me of allegations made by my son James Bates against Mr Ronald Armstrong, father of Tanya Armstrong ( now Bates). Paul Armstrong, Simon Armstrong. He was to my knowledge married to Louise Armstrong. They were residents of the state of Victoria, Australia. More specifically the Mornington Penninsula, Rosebud.
While a minor my son James Bates accused Ronald Armstrong of sexually assaulting him at the age of four. He was penetrated anally. As his legal guardian and the parent who had contact with the police to give consent for the investigation to go ahead, I have first hand knowledge of these allegations. James is now eighteen years old and can still remember what happened to him vividly.
My ex wife Tanya Bates told me that she had been sexually abused by her father from the age of nine to nineteen. In full knowledge of what her father did to her she allowed my children James Bates, Samantha Bates, Nickolas Bates to spend time around this man. I have first hand knowledge of this as I am an eye witness to these events. As conveyed to me by the police child protection team in Lowestoft, after the investigation Mr Ronald Armstrong was sent to prison for the abuse of my ex wife but he denied the abuse of my son. I as the father of Samantha and Nickolas Bates have repeatedly been denied access to my children in Australia because my ex wife knows very well I will tell the children the truth. Late last year , 2009, I attempted to contact my children in Australia only to be told in the first phone call by my ex wife that my daughter Samantha had been abused by her ex partner Darren who was an alcoholic. I attempted to get the information out of my daughter via MSN messenger but she would not say as she had discussed things with her mother and for brodies sake, the son of the alcoholic, that they should keep things quiet.
After finding this out I wrote some abusive emails to her and have been telling her friends about the abuse of my eldest son. Through interpol the Australian Police have attempted to have me charged with harrassment. I signed an unofficial warning in the Suffolk policemans notebook. The police in the UK know very well what is going on and I was treated very leniently. Hearing that your second eldest child has been abused as well would make any parent go insane.
To be honest I hope that abuse victims throughout the world read this. Yes, my ex wife was abused by her father but it does not give her the moral right to abuse my children. Her father was abused as well and he is in prison. Why wasn't my ex wife charged with child neglect for knowingly allowing my children to be around a known peadophile ?
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