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SQLExec: Extra character inserted during database INSERT and UPDATE

I am using Lookout's (V6.7.1 in Win7) SQLExec object to INSERT and UPDATE records to an SQL Server database.  All numerical values are stored to the database with no issues.  However, I need to write/update a 3 character string as one field of the record and it appears Lookout adds a space character to the beginning of the string each time the INSERT or UPDATE is executed through the SQLExec object and this creates SQL errors during subsequent UPDATE's after I read a record into Lookout.  When I created the table in SQL Server, I had to define the string as 4 characters long even though I only needed 3.  It appears SQL Server requires a string to be defined with an extra character.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?  How can I fix it? 

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Have not had this issue before.

We insert alarms into our alarm software in this method, but we use nvarchar (255 character) fields.

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