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SDM3000 & lookout 6.6

SDM3000 & lookout 6.6

Using Lookout 6.6

Would like to connect lookout 6.6 to a motorola SDM3000 RTU.

this rtu uses ether net. would the MODBUSmoscad driver be what is needed? or standard modbud slecting ethernet?

is a driver needed for each the rtu and the local ethernet??

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Re: SDM3000 & lookout 6.6

I'm not sure if this RTU belongs to the Moscad family.

If this RTU supports Modbus Ethernet protocol, either Modbus or ModbusMoscad will work.

You need one driver for one RTU.

Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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Re: SDM3000 & lookout 6.6

Thanks for the reply,

this SMD3000 also known as model F4544A talks to a gateway and of course some do not! the end user program is MOSCAD fault Managment MOSCAD based

I know it must be Moscad, I will try moscad and see if i can get these to talk to each other.

The manual does not help in regarde to figuring out the logical address for I/O's. If i get this figured out i will POST




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Re: SDM3000 & lookout 6.6

Found out using Driver for MOSCAD there must be some type of communication(s) going on I now get a  Socket Communication error 10061: connection refused


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