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Running processes developed under Lookout DIrect 4.5 with latest version of Lookout

We currently have Lookout Direct 4.5. Will processes developed with this software run on the latest version of Lookout runtime server or do I need to purchase new development software if I choose to migrate NI Lookout? Also, is Lookout client software compatible with Lookout Direct? Lookout Direct 4.5 does not seem to function as an OPC server to third party software. Is this also true with NI Lookout? Is Lookout Direct OPC server accessible via Labview?


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Rob Goguen

Materion Precision Optics

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LookoutDirect is just an older version of Lookout.  The runtime version should be able to convert the LKS files, and save the process.  I would suggest downloading the Evalulation version, this would allow you to check the conversion process for errors and missing controls.


Lookout acts as an OPC server, not sure about LookoutDirect.


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