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Read modbus from one address, write value to a second


I am newly learning Lookout and need some help. I've got communications going over a radio network. I'm reading a register from one slave device into Lookout. How can I use Lookout to write the same value to a second slave?

Thanks, Jeff

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Suggestion: Dont.


Find another platform, this sounds like a quick process that Advanced HMI or a .Net library can do.

DAQ Factory, VT SCADA, etc. all have free versions to run low IO counts.


Create connection on the driver.

ModbusSlave1.400001 -> ModbusSlave2.400101


I would look to have the PLCs talk amongst themselves, removing the HMI from the controls requirement. This would allow you to use any HMI/SCADA software in the future and removes what would be your least reliable component: A Windows computer.

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Thank you for your response. I will not be doing this. Was looking at a stop-gap solution before I moved over to a new platform (Ignition).

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