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Pushbutton sticking in Lookout

I am using Lookout V6.0.1 connected to a Modicon Momentum processor via Ethernet.  I have a momentary pushbutton in Lookout that works correctly 9 out of 10 times.  The 1 time it doesn't work correctly, the button "sticks".  You can see the button get depressed when the mouse button is clicked, but when the mouse is released, the button does not return to the up position.  Also, the address in the processor that the pushbutton tag is tied to remains true while the button is stuck.  To unstick the button, the operator must click the button again to unstick it.  After the button sticks and has been unstuck, it will work correctly for while.  The button randomly sticks and is repeatable, but I haven't been able to create a scenario where the button sticks every time.
Has anyone else had this occur?  Any ideas on how to prevent the sicking? 
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I have noticed this most when using the URL remote connection on the buttons properties page.  If you use the member on the driver it usually has no problems.

Also check the snapdelay.

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