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Problem Maximizing Another Process In Lookout

I am having a an odd problem with lookout maximizing a process when run on a client machine. This is for Lookout version 5.0 with all the latest updates to that version.
I have essentially two processes and I have a pushbutton on process A that is URL'd to a pushbutton on process B. The button on Process A is displayed on a panel and when pushed in turn pushes the button on process B which is connected to the Maximize of a panel on Process B. This works fine on the PC that has the integrator lookout package on it. However, when you move it to the PC running the lookout client it does not work. The pushbutton becomes nonfuctional. All the paths are relative and so should work fine when moved over to the other machine I would think.
I have also tried to do away with the URL between the process buttons and just having a straight connection from a PB to the panel on the other process but to no avail. Anybody can help with this one?
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are you testing processes on same PC ? are you totally sure your paths/computer names are good?


maybe you can send your source to have a look at


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