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NI Lookout Support?

Does NI currently provide any interactive Lookout support or is it only available through this forum now?  Is the latest version of Lookout 6.7.?

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Hi SCADADog -- you can find information on Lookout support here: Software Product Life Cycle Policies

It appears 6.7.1 is the latest version.



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NI support Lookout?  That is kind of a funny question.


While 95% of the system we work on are Lookout, it is no longer something I would bet on having support in the future.
I have had incidents taking 2 days to activate it, many bugs in the modbus driver have been around since 6.2.

And they no longer patrol the forum regularly.

Forshock - Consult.Develop.Solve.
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perhaps its time to upgrade...NI has lookout replacements available, yes

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There is no direct path upgrade.  NI will recommend Labview DSC as an alternative, but is not an upgrade.


There are dozens, if not hundreds of replacements.  Unfortunately, I have not found one that is as "friendly" as Lookout.  So far have had good luck with ClearSCADA, but Schneider is not being so forthcoming on its plans of world domination as it now owns nearly a dozen SCADA/HMI software suites.  Including Wonderware, Indusoft, Citect and more.

Forshock - Consult.Develop.Solve.
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I thought I heard their was something like a 10 year plan to merge under the ClearSCADA umbrella. Can't say I'm a huge fan of ClearSCADA at the moment. Too much like an HMI I think.  Some good DCS out there though.

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Too bad NI never saw the value of the LookOut SCADA software. Even the older versions have features and ease of use that most of the current DCS/SCADA packages don't offer. Would be great if NI would sell it to someone who would update it and fix the issues. Either that or open source it, (like that will happen). Back in the day of Lookout 5 I put my reputation on the line with NI when I pushed for Lookout 5 when we were transistioning from RealFlex to a Windows based SCADA system. I beleived NI's promisses and the reputation of LabView got Lookout in the door. Needless to say it cost me my reputation and standing with my company when NI failed to support lookout as they promised and tried to sell us LabView. Oh well, water under the bridge and now I'm retired. NEVER NI !

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It's really too bad NI won't support this, I have used it a lot, and do like it a lot, but it ain't cheap, and there is no support whatsoever, I don't even think NI monitors this site anymore. So this is the end of the road for our company and lookout, a lot of alternatives out there. Frankly I'll never buy anything from NI again, this Lookout support debacle has left me sour to NI. One I recommend, and has great support is Trihedral VTS. It also has a great Autodialer, you buy it as an add on, but it beats the hell out of WIN911. 

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Clearscada, Ignition, InduSoft, DAQFactory are all great alternatives. Price of entry for low IO, simple systems I highly recommend DAQFactory.


We started our transition to Clearscada and will begin full deployment and replace lookout at many of our systems in the new year. 

Forshock - Consult.Develop.Solve.
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NI is still supporting Lookout, questions could be sent to lookout.support@ni.com. Also, this forum is always being monitored.

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