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'NI AlarmEvent Browser' fails to export to web page

Hi, I have 2 LookOut processes (client & server) that work fine. The client is a web client which requires access to the alarms generated by the server so web users can see alarms that occur when they are not connected. The "NI AlarmEvent Browser" object seems perfect for this and in fact works ok when under development. However, with the inclusion of this object the client process no longer will export. The error message "Cannot export this ActiveX Control: Alarms\AlertBrowser1. Only those National Instruments ActiveX controlls installed with Lookout can be exported". The failed file to be exported is "5108.ocx" (which does not exist under the lookout install directories). There is the lookout5108.ocx object so perha
ps there is an incorrectly named pointer in the AlarmEvent Browser (if I make a copy of lookout5108.ocx named 5108.ocx then the same failure occurs but due to now lookout5108.ocx not being found). I am using Lookout 5.1 build 8.

Well this object came with lookout and functions fine in the development environment so it appears that something is missing....
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This limitation is in the online help for lookout under the topic:

"Create a Web Client Page in Lookout
Only ActiveX objects controls that ship with Lookout can be reliably exported to a Web Client. However, not all ActiveX controls in the Lookout Recommended category are installed with Lookout. The NI HyperTrend and the NI AlarmEvent Browser cannot be exported to a Web Client.
I would suggest you file a suggeston for this feature online at http://www.ni.com/contact

These features are available in the free Lookout client software.

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Thanks Erik for the update.

OK, Now this causes a problem that I hope someone can help with. I have a web client that requires control over alarm levels. Setting the alarm levels using "Edit Data Member configuration" is not possible remotely (it does not take an expression) hence I use the "Alarm" object which can take expressions for the alarm levels. This object must be in the server process to continually monitor the alarm conditions therefore alarms are reported to the $Alarms object of that server process. Now when a web client connects to the server process they need to be able to see all the alarms generated by the server process hence I used the alarm browser. Now if I cannot export that object to a web client are there any suggestions on how to acc
ess the server processes alarms through the web?
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