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Lookout not trending

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Hello all,


I recently had to purchase a new laptop to replace one whose screen is rapidly dying.  I have transferred all of the Lookout folders over that I can, but am having an issue with it not showing trends when I hook into the LAN.  All of the other objects are operating properly- counts, alarms, et al. but it is just not showing any lines on the trend screen.  I am running Lookout 6.7.1 on a Intel Corei5 laptop with Windows 7.  Can anyone offer any advice?  Thanks.



Tim Sievers

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I should add that I am loading Lookout Client to the laptop, not server and it is giving me absolutely no options on the drop down menus, like edit mode.

Thanks again for any help anyone can provide.



Tim Sievers

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The Lookout client software is run-time only and does not include the Citadel database.  That means if you want to view historic data in a Hypertrend you need to reference a Lookout node that is logging data to Citadel.  Since there is no edit mode you need to make the changes on a development computer, save the file and move the .l4p file to the client computer.

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I took the .lp4 file from another computer that is trending and copied over to the new laptop.  It didn't fix the problem.

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On the other computer that is trending and has edit capability you need to edit the Hypertrend expressions to use computer relative path mode to populate data on the non-trending computer.  If the computer that has a Citadel database and is trending data is named PC-A and the Lookout Process name is Process1 and you want to trend Flow & Level data on PC-B, edit the expressions for the Hypertrend in edit mode on PC-A (as shown in attachment), save the changes then move the .l4p file (lks, l4t & lka files also recommended) to PC-B.  You might want to make a copy of the Process file before editing on PC-A so you load the original Hypertrend expressions on PC-A after you make the edits.

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