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Lookout V6.0 Hypertrend Data Display



I'm trying to use a hypertrend object (hyper.cbx) for use on my lookout client process.  On the local client/server machine, the object works fine and I am able to graph data.  However, when I try to export and view this via the web client the object displays but no data is present.  Any ideas here?


When used locally, the link to the data is follows:



When used remotely, the link to the data is as follows (using a symbolic link with the computers IP address and server process name of \\<IP Address>\WSESServer):



It should be noted that I am using other display objects in a similar manner and both scenarios work fine.


Any ideas?


Thanks for the help,



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If firewall is enabled on either computer, follow this KB to configure it.



Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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Hi there,


The firewall is acutally not turned on.  Any other ideas?  Per my original post, all other objects seem to work OK and update as expected.

It should be noted that a red X does not appear in the hypertrend display, the data just doesn't show up.



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Good info thanks.

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