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Lookout Setting Transfer

We're swapping out a machine that houses a Lookout client/server application in order to use a nicer PC.  On the current installation, I have tweaking settings for alarm displaying, users, user groups, etc...
Ideally, I would like to copy files from one machine to the other rather than re-doing the settings one-by-one on the new machine.  Are there accessible files that house this information?  If so, what are they?  Can I copy them from one machine to the next?
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Hello Andrew,
The below link describes how to deploy a Lookout application to several computers.  In the section "Deploying the Lookout server process in the field" it describes which files may need to be moved with the system.  The file that manages all of your security settings is the lookout.sec file.
If you have more questions, please post a reply.
Kristi H
National Instruments
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