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Lookout & LabJack U12

Is there a way to use Lookout with LabJack

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Hi Sergei

The only ways I can think of
a) You have/buy the Lookout Object Developers Toolkit and you build based on the LabJack DLL an own .cbx
Lookout Object Developers Toolkit

b) You have the Lookout Object Developers Toolkit (p/n 777325/01)and you can request for FREE the ActiveX Control Development Guide For Lookout. This guide shows you how you can "wrap" an existing ActiveX control (maybe the LabJack ocx) into an ActiveX control that is Lookout friendly (mapping methodes into properties that could be accessed through the ActiveX properties datamember folder by Lookout)

c) Or maybe even without "wrapping" the existing LabJack .ocx you should be able to use the Lookout 5.0 ActiveX contain
er to access the property of the "raw" ocx.

I've not tried and I don't have experience with LabJack at all. But maybe someone else out there?

Hope this helps.


PS: I almost forgot!
d) Buy a NI-DAQ device that should be supported through NI-DAQ OPC server and Lookout's OPC client 🙂
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Just for the record, I must mention this one other option, fully admitting that it's not ecomically feasible for this case:

Use the supplied LabVIEW VIs with the LabVIEW for Datalogging and Supervisory Control module and then access these as OPC Items in Lookout!

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I like that one too! 🙂 - But as you say a bit overwhelming.
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