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Lookout Hyper Trend Cursor Box Left???

I have misplaced the Hyper Cursor Dialogue Box on several HyperTrend objects. The Vertical Hyper Cursor Line appears and can be moved horizontally along the time line and the trend data is visible, however the cursor dialogue box with process values is not visible. Hyper cursor diaglogue box works great on about half of the 14 HyperTrend Objects. Each HT has 4-5 Groups with 3-4 Traces per Group. Minimized, resized and relocated HT but process value box does not want to be seen. Using Lookout 5.1
Mike R.
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Hi Mike

I've lost Hypertrend dialog boxes before down at the bottom of the screen. A couple things you might want to try:

1. Right click on your taskbar at the bottom of the screen and select "Properties". Put a check mark next to "Auto-hide the Taskbar". Now if you move your mouse away from the bottom of the screen the taskbar disappears. Do any of the Hypertrend cursor dialog boxes appear down there?

2. Try to change the screen resolution. Go to Control Panel >> Display and the settings tab. If your resolution is at 1024 x 768, change it to something higher like 1152 x 864. That should bring anything that is hiding off the screen back on.

You said that some of your other hypertrend cursor dialog boxes are visible.....If You create new hypertrend objects, do you have any problems?

Russell G
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I just got the very same problem. In the same computer running Lookout 5.1 I have several applications with Hypertrends. All of the trends display the trend cursor pop screen, but there is one that doesn't.


I have checked your suggestions and even more,. There is no way I can display the trend cursor.


If anyone has more suggestions, please let me know.



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We recently experienced a similar behavior when moving a 6.1 installation to a new computer. In our case If I remember correctly the cursor pop up window either was not visible or had no data (the hypertrends data was fine). I believe that we deleted the state file and that solved the problem. Of course we lost the state file data. I also rember a quirk in version 5.1 where the hypertrend controls would sometimes become invisible when an html report was triggered. The controls were still there and functioned but were just invisible. I believe this has been fixed in newer versions.


Jim Besselman

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I had the time, the hyper trend was deleted, and re- created again, with all the connections as it was before. It is working just fine now, but I would like to know what made the first to hide the trend cursor.


Any other comment?

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I know this is old, but still relevant. The operators are always losing the hyper trend cursor box, because it is the only panel that will move outside of the Lookout window, and with dual monitors someone will slide it to the other screen and it is very difficult to get back into normal view. Does any know a way to do a global position reset for the hyper trend cursor box, or keep it from being moved outside the Lookout window?


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