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Lookout 6.7.1 hosting on IIS 7.5

I am an IT consultant brought on to try and resolve an issue with Lookout 6.7.1 hosting on windows server 2008 machine utilizing IIS 7.5 to host the web client files.  This is my first experience with the Lookout software.


I believe the IIS is setup correctly and we have gone through the procedure to export the web data files through the Lookout client.  Using IE to connect to the hosted website, the error message we see states to look at KB article 67L8J3QW for a resolution.  My understading is that security updates (kill bits) released by Microsoft have disabled connectivity to certain Active X controls that enable Lookout to display properly through Internet Explorer.


I have researched documentation here:




Although it doesn't appera the lookout player for version 6.7.1 is available via ftp.ni.com we have the download available and it's installed on each machine I have used for testing.


I'm looking for guidance on what to do next to get this to work.  


One thing that is odd is http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/0B7F7B6397CF2DE286257B5800661303?OpenDocument talks about having to go into the registry and modify some Active X class ID's to allow the active X to work though IE.  It states that you can find the CLSID from the dafault.html code base.  I can find the CLSID in the source of the HTML page however it doesn't match up with anything in the registry.  How is that possible?  Is there a known bug with this verison?





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