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Lookout 6.6 Client Connection issues




I am running lookout 6.6 for a municipality. I have major issues going on with maintaining a client connection to my server. I use a few symbolic links and average 60 connections a day. From what I can tell 95% of the clients are running windows 7 while a handful are running windows 10.


I have gone through some trouble shooting with the services but they are still showing running. I’m trying to gather some wire shark captures to see of any issues but I am not a professional with it.  I’ve also switched over to my secondary server in the same location running the same process file and still encounter crashes.

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Seems we have finally figured out how to remedy the situation. The problem was with the firewall even when it was turned off. Had to allow these programs through the exceptions list and that seemed to stop the connection issues.

  • Lkads.exe
  • Nicitdl5.exe
  • Lktsrv.exe
  • Nidmsrv.exe
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I do not know the specific reason for the problem happening just the fix. Went through alot of trial and error 

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