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Lookout 6.1 Pot Object Remote Connection Behavior

1. When MainSetpointPot.reset is the NUMERIC value MainTable.Setpoint, the MainSetpointPot will not change from the ClientSetpointPot remotely. Everything other than this works correctly.


2. When MainSetpointPot.reset is the LOGICAL CONDITION value (MainModbus.Setpoint<>MainTable.Setpoint), the MainSetpointPot will change from the ClientSetpointPot remotely, but the MainSetpointPot.resetValue becomes hard if not impossible to nail down due to an unpredictable execution order of operations. Said differently, the (MainModbus.Setpoint<>MainTable.Setpoint) and the actual assignment of MainModbus.Setpoint to MainTable.Setpoint don't always happen in the same order. Sometimes I get the unchanged table value instead of the changed one.


3. Through testing [ClientSetpointPot>Remote>  MainSetpointPot>Remote> MainModbus.Setpoint] still does not allow the pots to change each other when all of the other connections are removed. The pots just snap back to their original values or don't change each other at all. This probably is a timing issue associated with the connection to modbus.


Just as an FYI, I have also submitted my problem to NI through my SSP and they are studying it also. Thanks for all your efforts.

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When you enter a new value, the pot will snap right back to the original value because the new value has not been written to the Modbus yet.  Once it has been written to the Modbus, the next polling will update the pot with new value. On my end, it may take 15-20 seconds to see new value in place.  Anyway, sorry for not being able to help you with the problem Smiley Sad

Frank Nguyen
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