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Lookout 6.0 edit mode.

I need to change the IP address of the SLC 5/05 in Lookout 6.0, but when I try to go in to edit mode, edit is "greyed out" in the menu.  How do I make edit mode accessible?
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The "edit" is greyed out when you are using Lookout Runtime Server software or the Lookout client software.
You have to use Lookout Development software to edit the application.
Go to NI License Manager to see what kind of software you have activated.
Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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I am having the same problem with 6.6, I am running the development version.

I am trying to change an IP address of an existing RTU, there is an address conflict and I need to change it.

I can create another RTU from scratch and it will let me edit the IP, but not on this one, any idea why?


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