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Lookout 6.0 Login Part 2

Being new to this forum stuff i clicked the wrong button and said my last post was solved. Lookout 6.0 comes up to the login screen and will not let anyone sign in, not even the administrator after a clean install and registry strip. it is connected to a Modicon PLC using Modbus and has been working for about 6 months now. The computer had XP SP3 on it.  I had uninstalled SP3 and reinstalled Lookout.  Same issue.  The customer is in the process of a clean XP install on teh computer.  Thank god i was able to get the new touch screen up and running.
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You mentioned this is a touchscreen. Does it have a real keyboard or software?  If software, the security in lookout may be set to prevent running other applications, causing a software keyboard to not function.



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