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Lookout 5.1 object no longer visible

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I have inherited a Lookout 5.1 application where a push-button object is no longer visible when viewing the L4P file or even visible in the LKS file. If I move the LKS file to a second PC with Lookout 5.1, the push-button IS visible but has the red X through it. I believe this means the remote path is not valid. Any ideas why it would be completely invisible on the first PC?

I believe the source for this push-button comes from a data server on another PC. The path for the source begins with ..\..\Administration\[Server]\

I'm assuming the ..\ is some form of relative addressing? The developers manual does not show this exact form of addressing. Any insight on how this addressing works or how I can track down the source to determine the Red X issues?

Thanks for any help!

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The text inside the brackets in the path you posted is a Lookout symbolic link object.  The path is relative, back 2 folders (probably to root), into the Administration folder where the [Server] symbolic link lives.  Symbolic links are either static (green field) or dynamic (yellow field).  You can look at the properties of the symbolic link to see where it's pointing, but the red 'X' indicates a bad signal (the place the symbolic link is pointing doesn't exist). 

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Thank you for that. When I get back to the site, I'll dig into the server link and hopefully find out what happened.


Any ideas on why the object would be completely invisible on one PC?

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Accepted by topic author Mieqad

Visibility issue hard to determine from the limited info provided.  If you can fix the red 'x' issue, the visibility issue might also be fixed.  If not, one place to look for visibility issues would be 'edit connections' of the objects visibility data member.

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